Membership in Sunset's PTA gives you a voice in your child's education.  

Research shows that when parents are involved with their child’s education, the child is more likely to succeed. Joining the PTA demonstrates your support of the mission and goals of the PTA and entitles you to a voice and a vote.


Each year, we aspire to attain 100% membership which means we have an adult PTA member for every Sunset Elementary student.


All Sunset PTA members receive:

  • Access to the Sunset PTA website



What does the PTA do?  Why is it important?

The PTA is a non-profit organization that plays an important role in fundraising to provide enriching activities and social events.  The PTA tries to help in areas that do not otherwise get much, if any, state funding.  Art and science are good examples of such areas.  The Art Docent Curriculum at Sunset is 100% supported by PTA. The grants provided by the PTA in the past few years have contributed to: author visits, assemblies, math & science equipment, guest speakers, reading & math support material, writing study units, workshops, and hundreds of books for the library, and classrooms.  

The complete list of the Programs and Services provided by Sunset's PTA

Why does it matter if I join the PTA?

First of all, it is important to understand that PTA is, above all else, an advocacy organization. The Washington State PTA (WSPTA) is the largest volunteer child advocacy association in Washington state. It includes over 130,000 members in over 875 PTAs. In fact, the National PTA is the oldest child advocacy organization in the United States. PTA is responsible for many of the child-focused programs, laws, and guidelines that we as parents often take for granted. Consider this:

National PTA is responsible for public kindergarten, child labor laws, the juvenile justice system, seat belt laws, childhood immunizations, the school lunch program, and more.

Washington State PTA coined the term "preschool," helped secure the "simple majority" amendment to the state constitution in 2007, and played a leading role in securing the passage of major education reform efforts in Washington: House Bill 2261 (2009), House Bill 2776 and Senate Bill 6696 (2010).

What does this have to do with your membership?

Sunset Elementary PTA's membership is its legislative voice. The more members our PTA has, the more voting delegates we get at the state level. When we increase our membership, we increase our representation at the state level. More voting delegates means more votes that support the interests of Sunset Elementary and its families.

Of course, your membership in Sunset Elementary PTA also supports our programs and events, and directly impacts the school and all of its students. These are just a few of the many reasons to join Sunset Elementary PTA today!

If I become a member of the PTA, am I obligated to do anything?

No. Once you have paid your membership fee you are not obligated to do a thing for the entire school year (but we'd love it if you did!). There are many volunteer opportunities, but it is completely your choice to decide what, if anything, you would like to do. Just being a member helps your child and Sunset Elementary in a huge way!
Thank you to all those parents, grandparents, family, friends, and teachers who volunteer at Sunset and are already PTA members!

What is the difference between a PTA member, and a PTA Board Member (a.k.a. Board of Directors)?

PTA Member is anyone who has paid the annual PTA membership fee, thus allowing him/her a voice and a vote at all General PTA Membership Meetings. A PTA Board Member is a person who has been elected to a position (i.e. president, treasurer, etc.) by PTA members at a General Membership Meeting. The PTA Board of Directors coordinate and plan the PTA events and programs for the current school year.

Is the PTA run by the school; is it part of the school in some way?

No. The school and the PTA are completely separate from one another, but we work hand-in-hand to help better the educational system. The PTA was created to supplement the school with funds, programs, and events. The PTA Board of Directors is made up of parent volunteers who dedicate their time and effort to the education and well-being of our children.